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Charlotte Jeanningros is interested in the models governing our contemporary society. Her practice revolves around images, under their differents shapes, photos, videos, collages... Resulting from fieldwork, her projects do not look for extraordinary subjects, they are directly inspired by what surrounds her, on a daily life basis, and are often developed over time. They questions the part of instinct that sleeps in each human being, confronted with the models and paradoxes generated by the evolutions and globalization. But also, the notion of status, not longer enough to define an individual, as well as the artist's vision and the medium itself. Everything revolves around different territories and explores the notions of time, representation, mutation and memory. In a style borrowed from Documentary Art, she tries to offer a different perspective on our "ordinary".


The (Re)Construction of reality in Chinese and French Contemporary Documentary Photography (1990 to 2010)

Starting from an observation concerning the similarities between France and China regarding the emergence of a photography qualified as Contemporary or Experimental, the thesis aims to shed light on the way in which time, in connection with the commitment of artists influences the development of new photographic forms and writings, in the field of documentary. This comparative and practice-based study cover the period from the 1990, starting point, to 2010, in order to observe the expansion of artistic practices during this period. It looks at their main characteristics, compared to those that preceded them, at the development of the art market, and analyzes in a global way the major evolutions of society, in relation to the experience of artists and the resonance on their creations. For this, it verify the application of a typology of three regimes, or documentary systems, borrowed from literature (melancholic, critical and fabulatory). Through a selection of six works distributed following the three systems, each relates one French and one Chinese artist, combined with the analysis of my photographic practice providing an additional sample for study. The whole make it possible to bring out the main writing techniques and aesthetic characteristics, and to lay down the outlines of the approaches leading to the notion of documentary, while carrying out a clarification concerning the borders between reality and fiction as well as the function of document contained in the works.


The photographer's commitment to a community facing globalization


Through the empiricism of photographers, who have been interested, from near and far, in struggling communities, this thesis aims to develop a reflection that revolves around the way in which local societies are affected by globalization. This raises questions about the position taken by photographers, who run the risk of falling into a delivered and reductive image that would assign their subject.

Photo credit : Andujar Claudia, Yanomami la danse des images, MARVAL, 2007

Capture d’écran 2021-06-27 à


2022 : - Sept./ Nov., "Ici et maintenant", Espace Jean de Joigny, Joigny, France

 - Mar./Apr., "On Closing, the Visible Self", Millepiani, Roma, Italy

 - Jan./Feb., "Political Statement", Millepiani, Roma, Italy

 - Jan., "Gan Jue 感觉", Online South China Arts Museum, China 

 - Jan., "International Exchange Exhibition II", Changwon  National University, South Korea

           - Jan./ Mar., "The Next", Online Li Tang Gallery, New-York, USA

2021 : - Nov., "International Exchange Exhibition", Changwon National University, South Korea

2020 : - Aug./ Sept., "ChuMei II - 出梅 II", Jincai Gallery, Hangzhou, China

2018 : - April - "Allons à Baulme" Mairie, Baulme-la-Roche, France

2017 : - Oct./Dec., "De la tête aux pieds. Cleide Saito", Galerie Dejà vu?,Yverdon les Bains, Switzerland

 - June,"Immersion à Bibracte," Centre de Recherches Européen de Bibracte, Glux-en-Glenne, France

 - March/April, "Dis-moi quelque chose de gentil"  Galerie Interface, Dijon, France


Hunting Game

6 images

Clic.he, issue #46, January 2022

Eden Garden

1 Photograph

Pulsar - Uma Revista, December 2021

Paradise for sale

2 photographs,
Revue Fantôme, ISSN 2650- 7889, april 2019


2020 -2024 : International Ph.D. program in Fine Art, Shanghai Academy of Fine Art, Shanghai University, China

2019 : Master of Fine Art, ENSA Dijon, France

2017 : Bachelor of Art, ENSA Dijon, France

2016 : Certificate of end of training as a fashion designer, Ligne and formation, Paris- Montrouge, France

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