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Charlotte Jeanningros obtained her master's degree in Fine Arts in the National School of Fine Arts in Dijon, France. She then went to China, and joined the International Fine Arts Ph.D. program in Shanghai University. Since then, she is sharing her life and her artistic work between France and China.


Charlotte Jeanningros is interested in the models of our contemporary society as well as their paradoxes. She uses images and their plural forms (photography, video, collages) to convey her view of the different contexts encountered on a daily basis, as well as the complexity of the relationships that individuals maintain within these places. The work reveals landscapes whose natural settings mix with the artificial, universes where the words "Human being" and "instinct" collaborate. The whole questions current lifestyles and representations, as well as our way of observing the world.


2023 : - Jun./Jul., "L'enfance de l'art", Espace Ségur, Paris, France

2022 : - Sept./ Nov., "Ici et maintenant", Espace Jean de Joigny, Joigny, France

 - Mar./Apr., "On Closing, the Visible Self", Millepiani, Roma, Italy

 - Jan./Feb., "Political Statement", Millepiani, Roma, Italy

 - Jan., "Gan Jue 感觉", Online South China Arts Museum, China 

 - Jan., "International Exchange Exhibition II", Changwon  National University, South Korea

           - Jan./ Mar., "The Next", Online Li Tang Gallery, New-York, USA

2021 : - Nov., "International Exchange Exhibition", Changwon National University, South Korea

2020 : - Aug./ Sept., "ChuMei II - 出梅 II", Jincai Gallery, Hangzhou, China

2018 : - April - "Allons à Baulme" Mairie, Baulme-la-Roche, France

2017 : - Oct./Dec., "De la tête aux pieds. Cleide Saito", Galerie Dejà vu?,Yverdon les Bains, Switzerland

 - June,"Immersion à Bibracte," Centre de Recherches Européen de Bibracte, Glux-en-Glenne, France

 - March/April, "Dis-moi quelque chose de gentil"  Galerie Interface, Dijon, France


Trois régimes documentaires à travers la photographie contemporaine française

Numero 8 - 28 Fevrier 2023

Hunting Game

6 images

Clic.he, issue #46, January 2022

Eden Garden

1 Photograph

Pulsar - Uma Revista, December 2021

Paradise for sale

2 photographs,
Revue Fantôme, ISSN 2650- 7889, april 2019


2020 -2024 : International Ph.D. program in Fine Art, Shanghai Academy of Fine Art, Shanghai University, China

2019 : Master of Fine Art, ENSA Dijon, France

2017 : Bachelor of Art, ENSA Dijon, France

2016 : Certificate of end of training as a fashion designer, Ligne and formation, Paris- Montrouge, France

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