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Series of 22 photographs, 2022

Among the omnipresence of mud and wild vegetation within vast spaces, only stand the gigantic poles coming to furnish the field. Strongly rooted in the ground, they rise up and point towards the sky, contrasting with the horizon and surpassing everything that surrounds them. While for insects the antennae are sensory organs that allow them to detect tastes, smells but also constitute the organ of touch, these, on the contrary, introduce the digital, electronic and dematerialized world of our time. Usually, these vertical metal rods blend into the urban decor and go unnoticed. When they appear, they must be perceived as an omen. Their presence lets the suspense hover by materializing the countdown before the transformation of these spaces. They thus direct our gaze more towards the future by gradually including themselves in the landscape until they are forgotten in the middle of the urban forest. Each image tells its story in its own way, and as a whole they become common to all these spaces and let us be aware of the different stages in the process of urbanization in progress.

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