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21 juin - 5 juillet 2023

Battlefield - Book

Battlefield bears witness to the life of a garden among others, cultivated by a handful of inhabitants living in the surrounding area. It changes with the seasons, under the threat of big machines, sometimes active, sometimes inert, simply there to remind that time is running out.

Ph.D Research

The Construction of Reality in Chinese and French Contemporary Documentary Photography (1990 - 2010)

Thesis dedicated to French and Chinese contemporary documentary photography and their evolution between 1990 and 2010. It focus on how the artists’ experience push them to invent new forms of documentary that shake up the boundary between reality and fiction. The research focuses on the artworks’ development process to identify the link between the significant triggers among the artist’s experience and the main writing techniques and aesthetic characteristics. It adresses some contours opposing the notion of fiction to that of reality leading to the documentary quality conferred on the works.

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