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Collages et pastels secs, tailles variables, 2023.

One life


4 photos, 50 x 37cm, 2020.


Dorm. 21

11 photos, 20 x 28 cm, 2018.

This series takes us through the long, dark and empty corridors of the building 21 of a prestigious Chinese art school. Sometimes the light penetrates the bars that make up the doors and windows. Therefore, you have to appropriate it, you have to immerse yourself in it in order to warm the icy atmosphere, of which this so unwelcoming place is deprived. Details disturb the military order and here reveal all the brilliance of a youth full of life and hope.

Dorm. 21

Hunting game

6 collages, tailles variables, 2021.

This series is the meeting between two types of gender magazines, mixing the burning and delicate themes of an ancestral practice on the one hand, and the condition of women on the other. It all fits in a kind of game where sensitivity, sensuality and brutality blend together, bringing out the part of animality that exists in each of us, but which is distorted by human action. The present narrative conveys a certain feminine vulnerability while the male characters seem to be constantly in a position of strength and victory. This work denounces the gender binarity present in our daily lives, but also metaphorically questions the relationship that the photographer maintains with his subject, the look he poses for him and which ends up being read through the photographs.

partie de chasse 5.jpg


Photomontages, 22 x 26 cm.

La messe est dite


22 photos, 2022.

For insects the antennae allow them to detect tastes, smells but also constitute the organ of touch. On the contrary, these, introduce the digital, electronic and dematerialized world of our time. Usually, these vertical metal rods blend into the urban decor and go unnoticed. When they appear, they must be perceived as an omen. Their presence lets the suspense hover by materializing the countdown before the transformation of these spaces. 



2 series, 2022.


Keep in touch

Video, 6'16.

Can the softness, and the comfort of a "home" can make up for the lack of physical contact that generated by our virtual communications. Slowly, the environment that seemed to us to be a cocoon gradually gave way to a feeling of confinement.

Keep in touch


7 photos, 45,5 x 35 cm, 2018.

J'ai acheté Le Monde


8 photos, 2023.


Eden garden (Alive painting)

Video loop, 5min 23s, 2019.


According to the Bible, the first humans lived in a wonderful garden from which they had only to pick the fruits for food. Since then, several generations have succeeded.

Eden Garden (Alive painting)

Ephemeral sculptures

3 photos, 40 x 25 cm, 2018.

Ephemeral sculpture


Short film, 13'46, 2017.

Among the changes in the rhythms of life of our time, certain practices, sometimes deemed questionable, still punctuate everyday life. Immersed in the warmth of a home, we still find filiations with archaic times, places and practices of the origins of humanity.


Poste 15

Video performance, 01h51, 2018.


From her post in a French communal forest, a hunter awaits the decisive moment. In this isolation, she indulges in reverie, in her reflections, disturbed by her connection with the outside world. This self-filming confronts the viewer with the real length of the moment, and offers a glimpse of this unwavering practice.

Poste 15

Feminine, female, feminity, filiation

8 Photos, 2023.



Murs photos et photos, tailles variables, 2018.



Triptyque photo, longueur total 200 x 40 cm, 2022.



Livre photo, 2021.

Battlefield bears witness to the life of a garden among others, cultivated by a handful of inhabitants living in the surrounding area. It changes with the seasons, under the threat of big machines, sometimes active, sometimes inert, simply there to remind that time is running out.

Battlefield 2023 couv.jpg

Another city

Dessins Pastels secs, collage.

Moving city
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